This diagram illustrates QICNET's automated B2B transaction import and export processing integration between Netsuite and other systems such as partner erp systems or third party shopping carts such as Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Volusion or others

QICNETWe provide hosted web based B2B productivity applications, fully automated and seamlessly integrated with NetSuite. Our web service applications are designed to enhance business process productivity for NetSuite users through the use of automation.

QICNETEach product in our suite of integrated B2B web service applications automates the exchange and transport of data in any format (EDI, XML, CSV, etc) between your merchant trading partners ERP or eCommerce systems and your NetSuite account.

Q-Tran our featured B2B integration application will give you the power of automation to import and export Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices and other transactions between your Customer's or Partner's ERP or eCommerce systems and your NetSuite account with zero interaction required by your data entry or sales or technical staff.

QICNETUsing QICNET automation technology will ensure an efficient, reliable and repeatable method of optimizing your NetSuite business processes resulting in a significant ROI within a very short timeframe.

QICNETROI will be rapidly realized by freeing up the time you spend performing repetitive tasks manipulating data using collections of intermediate desktop software, significantly speeding up the exchange of information between systems, and reducing the errors introduced by manual transfer processes to almost zero.

QICNETOur applications are focused towards the end-user and although our technology makes use of NetSuite Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSLT, Java, Javascript and other related technologies, no knowledge or direct use of these technologies is required on behalf of the user for any of our applications, we've taken care of that for you.

QICNETAll QICNET application sessions have auto login capability to your NetSuite account enabling secure access to your NetSuite data... more